Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival And Dismissal Procedures

Dacula High School has implemented a student drop-off process for SY 2018-19.

This process was desiged to enhance student safety and to expedite student drop-offs.

  • Drivers will enter the drop-off location by either making a left turn or right turn off Broad Street onto the DHS campus.
  • You will then be routed between the stadium, fieldhouse, and main gym.
  • The required stop area for student drop-off is between the Main Gym and Main Building. This area will be clearly marked and well supervised by several staff members.
  • Students should be prepared to quickly exit the right side of the car, and then wait on the sidewalk next to the Main Gym within this drop-off area.
  • Once the student has exited the car, the driver needs to continue to move through the route area at a speed that would not pose a threat to other students or staff members on campus.
  • Students will then be directed by a staff member when it is safe to cross the road.
  • Parents will exit the drop-off route at the traffic light on Dacula Road at the library and Dacula Park. A school resource officer (SRO) will operate this light and direct you to make a left turn only.
  • Students may only be dropped off in designated areas. Failure to comply with this procedure can result in disciplinary action for the student and a citation for the driver.